Fall Community Hike

In September, the everyseason Hike Club embarked on the first fall hike of the season to explore the trails around Vienna and enjoy the views from the Jubiläumswarte.

As the group made their way along "Stadtwanderweg 4", they encountered all kinds of signs of the changing seasons and felt the crisp fall air surrounding them. The trail took them through Dehnepark, along beautiful little ponds and rivers, over gentle hills and through dense woodland. Arriving at the Jubiläumswarte, attendees got to collect their stamps for their hiking passports on site, and continued to climb all the 183 steps to enjoy one of the finest views over Vienna.

Afterwards, the group took a break for a little outdoor picnic under the trees – spending the day within nature as a community felt particularly special as everybody celebrated coming together and sharing a meal on the weekend of the autumnal equinox.