everyseason is an outdoor community and platform offering shared experiences in nature & beyond. We want to create opportunities for people to (re)connect with nature and their inner curiosity – a safe space to learn, grow and explore the outdoor world together. In collaboration with local professionals and educators, we organize monthly hikes, workshops and recreational adventures to experience something new – in every season.

Being in a natural setting or getting in touch with resources of natural origin help restore our mental well-being and promote an inner calmness. By spending the majority of our time indoors or in an urban environment, we literally grow further apart from nature and its benefits. everyseason was born out of the need to reconnect with the natural rhythms and seasons of the living world.

We partner with local guides and teachers, and invite them to share their knowledge and craft with curious humans seeking to develop their very own natural practice in a communal setting. Guided by experts, participants can explore new areas from a different perspective.

By connecting people from different backgrounds and levels of experience, our mission is to facilitate meaningful exchange and learning. We aim to create a safe environment for people to get in touch with something they didn’t know before, to experiment and learn something new together.

I’m Marie, and I founded everyseason in April 2023. As a self-employed graphic designer, I’ve been creating visual worlds for businesses for over a decade now. Inspired by vital experiences and my ever-growing connection with nature, I wanted to create an outdoor community and safe space for like-minded individuals who are eager to learn and grow as a collective. I love intertwining my visual background with my curiosity to explore, in order to curate these outdoor experiences for you each month.