Trail Running with Manuel Perić

Together with Manuel Perić, we hosted a snowy trail running session to explore the woods around Vienna.

Participants gathered under thick flakes of white for the perfect intro level loop. After a quick intro on the challenges of running over icy and slippery grounds, the group started off into the forest together. Mani guided them through the snow, gave helpful advice on running technique, and told one or two personal tales of his many solo trips through the countryside along the way. The final ascent took participants all the way up to the striking Habsburgerwarte, before they concluded their run at the local inn over hot tea and shared stories.

Taking breaks in between to wait for each other did not only make for a safe space to explore trail running as a beginner, but also created opportunities for deeper appreciation of nature’s beauty. Spending this time within the calm of the snow and the communal spirit of the group felt like a truly special experience.

Photos by Manuel Perić.